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Monday, 23 June 2014



Archery is a sport for people who are independent and are patient. Before playing archery you must have patience and confident to set up targets and make sure the arrows have feathers at the end of them. You need good exercise. Make sure the string can go as long as your arm.

To play archery you need to eat good food like 10% of dairy, 25% of grain, 25% of fruit, 30% of vegetables, 20% of protein. Eat no junk food, lots of vegetables and fruit - eat the amount of dairy, protein and grain stated before.
Bows can hold spare arrows or you get an arrow holder. The feathers at the end help the arrow to fly through the air. Arrows are made out of wood, fibre glass, carbon and aluminium.

To play archery you need to make sure the string is not breakable and make sure you have all your arrows before shooting. Check which way the wind is blowing because the arrow will go that way. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your report about Archery Aarran. I hadn't thought how tricky it would be to shoot on a windy day!

  2. We'll done on a great peace of writing Aarran keep up the good work

  3. Well done Aarran you are a true year 8 leader

  4. Hi Aarran I like your piece of writing about Archery. My first time doing Archery was when I camp at Piha last year. It was my Favourite activity there.